Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We were bamboozled!

All of the talk regarding Knowshon returning punts has died down, and now it looks like the Carlton Thomas/Logan Gray talk wasn't entirely accurate either. According to the depth chart released yesterday, Asher Allen and Prince Miller are listed as 1-2 at punt returner. I think Asher is electric with the ball in his hands, and I love this decision.

I was glad to see that Knowshon won't be our regular punt returner. I wouldn't mind seeing him out there doing it every once in a while, but I never could get comfortable with the idea of him standing back there 4-5 times a game with the other teams gunners bearing down on him, no matter how many logical arguments I saw that argued for having him back there. The only time I almost changed my mind was when I found out that I was in agreement with Terrence X on the issue, but even that horror did not sway me. I mean, we've all seen Knowshon there any real chance that he's going to be calling for many fair catches?

As for the Logan Gray experiment, I was excited about seeing him on the field in any capacity...still am. He seems to be very quick, and he has great speed, at least based on the scouting video and his performance in the G-Day game. I wouldn't be surprised if he did get some shots returning punts early in the season, and I'm pretty sure we'll see him in other special teams responsibilities.

I still think Carlton Thomas is the future for this team at PR/KR, but it's always nerve-wracking to have a true freshman fielding punts.

Three more days!

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