Monday, August 25, 2008


Wow...check this out from PWD at Georgia Sports.

He covers all of the high points, but here are a few of my favorite parts:

ESPNU becoming part of the basic cable package...I already pay extra for the Sports Tier with Comcast, and I still didn't have ESPNU.

These two lines:

With this cash infusion, we could essentially buy out Georgia Tech and sell
their program for spare parts.

Also, the last Notre Dame / NBC contract was rumored to be worth $9 million a year. Their recent extension of the deal to 2015 doesn't have announced terms. But how much better can it really be than the $15-17 million per team deal that the SEC teams just inked?In other words, does Mississippi State now have a more lucrative TV deal than Notre Dame? (ht - Matt at SportsCrack for that question)


BAYDAWG13 said...

you coulda given me a shout out for emailing you the ajc article.

Scott said...

I would have, if I hadn't already posted this an hour and a half before I got your e-mail.

You're too're like BIG TEN slow.