Friday, August 29, 2008

Things I observed last night

Good googly-moogly, it was great to have college football back last night.

Some observations:

- Tommy Beecher will NOT be the starting quarterback that we face on Sept.13. I know, I'm really going out on a limb there. Seriously, if you made a list of "Ways to Make Steve Spurrier Hate Me," I believe Beecher would have hit every one of them last night except "Take the field wearing Red and Black." Horrible decisions, taking off and running at the first sign of trouble, and the worst one, missing open receivers. You know it just kills Spurrier when one of his ball plays works perfectly, he's got a man wide open...and his QB overthrows him by four feet. Saw a lot of that last night.

- South Carolina doesn't scare me as much now as they did this time yesterday. The offensive line really struggled to make holes and keep their QB upright, and that was against NC State. Our DL should be able to wreak havoc.

On the defensive side of the ball, even though they pitched a shutout they seemed to struggle with the same type running plays that we like to call...misdirection/draw type plays. This is an area where they can be coached up to stay in their gaps and hold to their assignments, and you know they have the talent, but I feel pretty good about our ablility to move the ball on the ground against them. Just don't run right at Brinkley...make him chase, and I think we'll be in pretty good shape.

Overall...least impressive 34-0 win EVAH!!!

On the Tech game:
- Paul Johnson's offense still works against 1-AA talent.

- Tech's new uniforms are UGLY. I thought maybe they would look better on the field than they did when they were unveiled originally, but I was incorrect. It doesn't help that the helmets no longer match the uniforms in any way.

Haven't watched the Falcons game yet, it's on my DVR. From the reports I've seen and heard, it doesn't sound like DJ did anything to LOSE the job, even if it wasn't always pretty. 50% completion rate (after a 1-6 start), no turnovers and a touchdown sounds pretty solid. Final cuts are tomorrow.

One more day to go!! Can't believe it's finally here!!!!!!!


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