Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some love from the WorldWide Leader

Chris Low, who BTW does a very good job as the SEC blogger at, lists the top 25 things he's looking forward to this year here.

Quite a bit of love here for the Dawgs, including the top three...

1. Larry Munson's call to arms: Munson's legendary voice sends the Georgia fans into a frenzy at Sanford Stadium just before the team hits the field with his "Glory, Glory to old Georgia" montage. Munson is truly an SEC treasure, and it's great to see him back for another season of calling Georgia's home games.

2. Pregame warm-ups for the Florida-Georgia game: Think there might be some jawing going on? The anticipation for this one is off the charts. Can't Nov. 1 go ahead and get here?

3. The first touchdown in the Florida-Georgia game: A wild end zone celebration a year ago after scoring the first touchdown turned the Bulldogs' entire season around. What can we expect this time?

19. Georgia's Tasmanian Devil: Sophomore linebacker Rennie Curran is listed at 5-foot-11, but he's probably closer to 5-9. It doesn't matter, because he's one the surest tacklers in the league. If he gets his hands on you, you're toast.

AMEN to all four of these...and then, just because..

16. Ric Flair on the sideline at Williams-Brice Stadium: The Nature Boy and the Head Ball Coach are buds.


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BAYDAWG13 said...

the clock is moving sooooo slowly!!!
Come on Saturday!!!