Sunday, August 31, 2008

ACC Post Mortem

For those who don't know (and really, you should), Matt Hinton, former curator of the now-defunct Sunday Morning Quarterback, is now getting PAID, yo. He has taken his considerable skill over to Yahoo sports in his new blog, Dr. Saturday. Same tremendous output, new lame blog title.

Today, he is commenting on the horrible, embarrassing performance of the ACC this past weekend. Remember when Miami, BC, and Virginia Tech all joined the ACC and they were supposed to be the new superconference? Well, the #1 team in that conference just got annihilated by a mid-level SEC team, which is what Bama is until they prove otherwise. Meanwhile, if not for Mississippi State laying an egg against Derek Dooley's boys, the SEC would have been undefeated this week. Come on, Croom, step it up!

Regardless, check out Dr. Saturday...the amount and quality of posts are unrivaled...especially by me. Seriously, why are you still here?

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