Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stuff I like

Well, until I come up with something more creative, I'm going to be posting some random stuff that I'm a fan of, and probably some stuff I don't like, too.

First up...ANDY BERNARD!!! The Office as a whole will get its own post, obviously, but first I want to show some love to my favorite of the "background" players on one of my favorite shows.

The reason I love Andy is that he ALWAYS brings something to the table...every time he is on the screen, something funny is happening. His constant reminding of the fact that he went to "CORNELL...ever heard of it?" The rivalry with Dwight over who is really the #2 in the office. The fact that he is always thinking one step ahead, "like a carpenter...who makes stairs." His hilarious courting techniques, both of Pam and of Angela.

And of course...the singing.

Hopefully, these posts will get better as I get used to this..but for now, please welcome the one, the only...ANDY BERNARD!!!

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BAYDAWG13 said...

The Office is my second most anticipated thing of the Fall!