Saturday, August 23, 2008

Offensive line finalized

Per the practice reports from today, the OL is set for the GSU game:

LT - Tripp
LG - Vance
C - C. Davis
RG - Glenn
RT - J Davis

I gotta think that Boling ends up in one of those spots on the right side after his one game suspension. I would have said RT, but with a true freshman lining up at RG for the first game, maybe he fills that spot when he comes back.

I think what may end up happening by mid-season is that freshman Ben Jones improves enough to step in at center, allowing C Davis to move to guard, where I think he is more comfortable, and Boling is the RT. I'll take my chances with Tripp, Vance, Jones, C Davis, and Boling and have a good shot of whipping you.

Practice report from UGASports is here.

From the same report, Coach Richt sounds pretty pleased with the way the team has looked in both of the last two practices. Good tempo, great attitudes, and the team was actually excited about going full speed Friday after Thursday's scrimmage. I believe the GSU Eagles are in for a VERY long day next Saturday. I think the team has heard all of the national media pooh-poohing them ever since they were named #1, especially after Sturdivant's injury. I think they are as sick of hearing about have they have no shot against that schedule as we are. I think they are tired of hearing about the injuries, the suspensions, the ridiculous notion that we have a behavior problem on this team, etc, etc, and I think they are going to EXPLODE on the Eagles Saturday.

If I were in charge of picking the team motto, I would say this...LEAVE NO DOUBT.

Less than one week now...our long wait is almost over!

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