Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quick Falcons thoughts

I thought they played pretty well, actually. I really like the game plan of short passes and running game, to keep our defense off the field. I think our big plays this year will probably come from the running game/screen passes. We need to go downfield occasionally just to keep the defense honest, of course, but until Ryan gets comfortable I like what we're doing.

Ryan missed a couple of sure touchdowns at the end of the half...two good play calls, great routes, and the passes were just overthrown. Maybe got too excited? I think those plays will come as he gets more experience.

Great to see Thomas Brown get in the end zone, and he looked good on KO return, too.

That was the best I've EVER seen Adam Jennings return punts.

Defense as a whole played a good game. I continue to be impressed by Grimes...where did this guy come from? Coach BVG put together a good game plan, which is something to watch for this year. I always thought he was an excellent game planner, and few were better at halftime adjustments when he was with UGA. If you had success running something against him in the first half, you better be ready to do something else in the second.

Overall, I was encouraged...most of the things I posted earlier about things I wanted to see were pretty evident. I still think 5 wins is a realistic expectation. I feel good about the future and direction of this team, as we rinse off the stink of the last couple of years.

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