Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What I'm watching

OK, I told you there may be some different stuff up this week, since the Dawgs are off and I'm trying to figure out what this blog is going to be once football season is over.

I could pretend to be this super-interesting Renaissance man, but the truth is I'm pretty boring. I go to work, come home and be husband/daddy, follow the Dawgs as closely as possible, and watch TONS of TV. So one of the things I'll be doing as football season winds down is keeping up with the various shows I'm watching and giving my thoughts on them as I go.

Fair warning - if you're anything like me, you rarely watch anything live anymore. The DVR (or TiVo) is the second greatest invention of my time, behind only the interwebs. So, if you happen to be perusing my blog and you haven't seen something that I am discussing, you should probably avoid the recap if you want to keep from being spoiled. I am a HUGE Anti-Spoiler guy myself, so I will try to keep that in mind.

Here are the shows I'm currently watching, and will probably be providing thoughts/recaps on. Keep in mind that these are the days the shows currently run on, not the days I watch them, for the most part.

Sunday: Desperate Housewives, The Amazing Race
Monday: Chuck, Heroes, Terminator, Samantha Who (sometimes)
Tuesday: House, The Mentalist, Fringe
Wednesday: Pushing Daisies, Bones (haven't actually started this one...they are backing up on my DVR), Life, Dirty Sexy Money
Thursday: My Name is Earl (sometimes), Kitchen Nightmares (sometimes), 30 Rock, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Life on Mars

Fridays and Saturdays, I catch up on what I've missed over the week, for the most part.

Coming up after the first of the year, I'll be adding:
Battlestar Galactica
American Idol
Dollhouse (probably)
Friday Night Lights

And in the summer, it will be:
So You Think You Can Dance
Mad Men
Burn Notice (maybe)
Rescue Me
The Closer

So...feel free to use the comments section. Question my choices/manhood, leave your thoughts on these shows, suggest some others you think I might like, etc.


Darren said...

I can honestly say that, other than '24', I've NEVER watched any of the shows you mentioned. Not that I'm playing the 'better/holier than thou' card, but so much of todays T.V. really is just retreads of previous shows/concepts. Yawn.

So, for me, sports is about the going thing. We got Center Ice this year. I thought I'd hate hockey by now, but so far it hasn't gotten old.

All that said, your blog is some good stuff.

Darren said...

Upon further review....I did watch American Idol before it became what the last two seasons have produced.

Underwood, Pickler and Daultry are some darn good singers.

I'm afraid, however, the formula is going stale.....

Scott said...

Hope you stick's not going to be ALL TV, I promise.

See ya Sunday!