Monday, November 17, 2008

Observations: Auburn

You know what? I am in no mood to go into a deep discussion of what worked and what didn't on Saturday. You all saw the game, there's nothing new I can tell you. I was there, so I had a birds-eye view. I'll just say this...the last few weeks have reminded me of nothing more than the Jim Donnan era, and those are NOT good times. Great athletes, dumb as rocks. Especially on defense.

Anyway, Doug over at Hey Jenny Slater really nails it this week with his thoughts on the game. I felt EXACTLY the same way watching the guys dance over on our sideline after the game. They were a LOT happier about that win than I was.

I can't add anything to what Doug says, really...the offense played fine, the defense stood up when it had to, but utter STOOPIDITY kept Auburn in the game. Specifically, our "special" teams play (insert short bus, special ed. jokes here) and dumb, moronic penalties. I'm so sick of typing those words. I should just create a macro for "moronic penalties" to use every time I'm recapping a Dawgs game this year.

Yes, I will take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day. Yes, I would rather have Mark Richt as our head coach than ANYBODY else. Yes, we are 5-0 on opponents home field this year, 9-2 overall, hopefully heading for yet another ten win season and a New Year's Day bowl. But what this year says to me is that we are not yet an elite program. This is a good team, not a great one...not by a pretty long shot. And next year there is a 90% chance (in my opinion) that we will be without Stafford and Moreno, the best 1-2 punch we have had at this school in my lifetime. Unbelievable that we will have had both of those guys at the same time and not even PLAYED in the SEC championship, much less won one. I'm afraid that this was the window for this team, and I can't help feeling like they blew it. I'm sure that another window will come along, but when you're NOT an elite program, you're not promised the chance to compete for the MNC on a regular basis.


For a slightly more humorous, but just as apt, description, check out Mackie's take.

This week will probably be a little different. With the off-week, I will probably start experimenting with what this blog will look like once football season is over. I welcome any feedback or suggestions.

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