Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What I watched last night

Last night, I watched the most recent episodes of Desperate Housewives and Chuck. If you haven't seen these yet, feel free to skip to the next post...

Desperate Housewives: Another pretty good episode...I think the 5 year jump has really helped the show. All of the characters seem fresher, and I would say that even the writers seem to be sharper.

Is it strange that on a show called Desperate HOUSEWIVES that I actually enjoy the guys on this show more than I do the housewives? (Their characters, I mean...I certainly enjoy LOOKING at Eva Longoria Parker and Marcia Cross). Kyle MacLachlan (Orson) cracks me up EVERY time he is on the screen. The scene last night when Bree introduced him to the reporter was perfect. I wish I could find a clip of the look on his face when Bree offered snacks...a mixture of excitement and delight, like he's been waiting ALL DAY for such an offer. HA!!

Rihardo Chavira (Carlos) continues to get WAY too many laughs out of being blind. Last week it was "Yes, the pitch darkness here is much better than the pitch darkness at home." This week it was, "If I could see the exits I'd be running for them."

Gabby earned some points last night by refusing to sell out her kids...Grandma Screwloose is CREEPY. Kudos to Gabby for keeping some things sacred, even at the cost of the nutjob's millions. And my wife disagrees, but she still looks GORGEOUS, even though she's supposedly looking "rough" now.

As for the nightclub scenes...ever notice that the clubs on TV are MUCH quieter than they are in real life? I've never been to a club where I can carry on conversations from ten feet away the way Dave and the Doc did last night, and I don't think I'd want to. Also, didn't a whole bunch of people die in an actual nightclub fire like this not too long ago? As in, there was a fire and nobody could get out because the emergency door was locked? Maybe it was so long ago that they felt comfortable airing it, or maybe it really didn't happen and I'm just losing it.

Every time Susan comes on the screen, I would fast forward if my wife would let me. She annoys the crap out of me, and I can't be bothered to discuss her storyline.

I was glad to see Lynette remember that she's a good person and run back in and save the hussy who's having her son's kid. That is what I like about that character...even though she screws it up sometimes, in her heart she is usually trying to do the right thing.

Bree's scene with the reporter in the club was nicely done...I love it when characters have layers, and I think that is what was missing from last season.

Other than the crap with Susan, this was an enjoyable episode, and it sets up the rest of the season nicely...what did Dave mean when he told Mike "I'm not done with you yet," and with the Doc out of the way who's going to stop him? My money is on the McCluskey sisters.

Chuck: This remains one of the most consistently entertaining shows on TV. GREAT characters, especially Casey (William Baldwin). Last night he was priceless...the bellhop uniform, the "High C," followed by "What? I wasn't HATCHED!" And of course, "I'm not even interested in my OWN feelings, Bartowski, why do you think I'd be interested in yours?"

The old girlfriend thing has been pretty lame and predictable. Who DIDN'T know that this would end up going sideways for Chuck? Jordana Brewster is smokin' hot, though, so I don't mind her hanging around a little longer. Side note: when is Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) going to get her teeth fixed? She's a gorgeous woman otherwise, but the teeth are distracting. I do find it interesting that they have found lots of ways to get her into various stages of undress this season. That's called "knowing your geek-boy fanbase."

Tony Hale (Emmitt) has been a welcome addition (and I just found out he's a proclaimed Christian - interesting). I love the "dual nature" of the show...the actiony spy stuff, and then the comic relief of the BuyMore. Morgan's conversation with Emmitt about "Buymoria" was Morgan has been thinking about this very topic for a long time. HAH!!

If you haven't checked this show out, do yourself a favor and do so. Consistently funny.

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