Monday, November 24, 2008

The first step is admitting you have a problem

Remember when I said that I watch a LOT of television? Beginning Thursday night, through last night (Sunday), I watched:

2 episodes of Life
The Office
30 Rock
The Mentalist
2 episodes of Bones
Grey's Anatomy
My Name is Earl
Life on Mars
Amazing Race
Pushing Daisies
Most of Oklahoma-Texas Tech (I just couldn't look a train wreck, only if it happened OVER AND OVER AGAIN)

Also, Carrie watched Tropic Thunder and I drifted in and out of that as well.

Now, to make myself feel better, I also cleaned out my gutters, trimmed hedges, made two trips to the dump, did the laundry for my entire family, taught my Sunday School class, directed the music for both services on it's not like I was unproductive. But that is a LOT of television. So I just have to say....thank God for DVR technology!

I'm obviously not going to try and recap all of those...I'll be back later with the highlights (or lowlights, in some instances . I'm looking at you, Izzie).

Oh, and...Happy Hate Week! I will certainly have my thoughts on our little sister to the South, as well.


Russell said...

Dude, Greys Anatomy????
You are a dude, right?

Scott said...

Yeah, a dude with a wife.

Whatever, dude...I'm well-rounded, ok? I'm in touch with both my feminine side and my inner geek.