Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VERY exciting piece from David Hale today

David Hale posted his list of the top 5 Dawgs who he expects to make a huge leap forward in development this year. The whole article was enough to get me even more ridiculously fired up about this season already, and definitely worth a clicky, but check out his quote about Joe Cox:

"For whatever reason, people are worried about Joe Cox. I'm officially convinced they shouldn't be. No, he doesn't have Stafford's arm -- but how many times did Stafford's cannon really make the difference in a game? Cox can make all the throws he needs to make, he's extremely accurate and he has a great rapport with his receivers. More importantly, the kid is as good a leader as you'll find. I don't root for Georgia and I definitely don't play on the team, but I've left interviews with Cox thinking, "Man, I can't wait for the season to start." He just has an infectious personality that gets people excited to play for him. And while Stafford brought a lot of tools to the table, I can't help but wonder if having the vocal Cox as the starter might not have made the team better last year. Regardless, he's the man this season, and he'll have a tremendous offensive line and a guy named A.J. Green to work with. I think there's every reason to believe he'll be a David Greene-like player who puts together a D.J. Shockley-like season."

Holy Crap...a combination of David Greene AND D.J. Shockley? That's can't even think of an apt comparison. Wait, yes I can....

That's's like chocolate covered bacon. Two of the greatest forces in the world, uniting for the good of humanity.

I've made my love for Joe Cox clear, I think...but if he puts together the kind of season that Hale forsees, I might just have to stalk him.


38 DAYS!!!!


Bernie said...

That was a great piece. And frankly, your enthusiasm here is intoxicating. When you're arrested for violating The Ginger Assassin's restraining order, we'll try to bail you out. Unless it is at Sanford on gameday...then you're on your own.

Josh G. said...

Between that piece and the Okie State LB saying that "Georgia is the one who is scared", my blood pressure is at a Bobby-Cox-after-a-bad-strike-call-against-Chipper level today.

These last 38 days are going to be unbearable.