Friday, July 31, 2009

Freshman video

Fall camp is basically HERE...players report on Monday, and practice starts Tuesday. Thank God...I was beginning to think it would never get here!

Rivals has finally made a lot of the video of this year's freshmen available for embed, so in anticipation of these guys about to see their first camp I've pulled some video of the guys that I think are almost 100% likely to see the field this year.

Washaun Ealy:
This guy is a "beast" on film, just like Coach Richt says...great power and balance, and although I don't think he has breakaway speed, he's fast enough.

UGA Freshmen: Washaun Ealey @ Rivals Video

Marlon Brown:
Just a man among boys...I don't know who the team in red is on this video, but the score must have been like 120-10 or something.......

UGA Freshman: Marlon Brown @ Rivals Video

Branden Smith:
Not a great video...the camera angles are too tight most of the time. But you definitely get a glimpse of his athleticism.

UGA Freshman: Branden Smith @ Rivals Video

Rantavious Wooten:

By the way...that QB throwing him the ball is pretty good, too. Anybody know who he is?

Freshman Video: Ratavious Wooten @ Rivals Video

Chris Burnette:
Impressive player, maybe even more impressive as a person. Only thing I wish we would see more of is a mean streak when it comes to finishing off blocks.

UGA Freshman: Chris Burnette @ Rivals Video

Aaron Murray:
Pay special attention to who the DB is on the first throw on this film, which was probably from the Elite 11 Camp..

Also, they don't have the Orson Charles video available for embed yet, but you can see him making some great plays on this video as well.

UGA Freshman: Aron Murray @ Rivals Video

Arthur Lynch:
Big, athletic get to see him doing a lot of blocking on this video, as well as playing some defensive end.

UGA Freshmen: Arthur Lynch @ Rivals Video

36 DAYS!!!!


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