Monday, July 27, 2009

Mini-weekend thoughts

I mean the THOUGHTS are "mini"...I'm actually enjoying a long weekend. Last day off work for a while, as 2010 business plan season starts next week. Somehow, I'm not nearly as fired up about that one as I am college football...

These weekend wrap-ups have been pretty much exclusively Braves and recruiting talk, so why should this week be any different?

- OK, the Braves have almost pulled me back in again...they keep winning series, which is all they can do at this point. Don't worry about scoreboard watching, because there are too many teams to try and watch. There are seven teams all within 5 games of the wild card lead. Just win, baby...let the chips fall where they may, and try not to think about that stretch a couple of months ago when we couldn't win a series to save our life.

Trade deadline is Friday, but I don't see the Braves making a move. There is just not anybody out there who is worth dealing away any significant piece of your future for. Kelly Johnson just came back, Omar Infante isn't far behind him...that's a pretty good upgrade of your bench without making any other moves.

Speaking of guys coming off of the DL...Tim Hudson is set to come back in a matter of weeks, as long as his rehab starts go OK. When that happens, what do you do with your pitching rotation? Who goes down? Who gets sent to the bullpen?

Well, Lowe, Jurrjens, and Vasquez obviously stay in the rotation. I don't think there is any way they send Hanson to the bullpen, and I don't see them sending him down, either. So it's either Kawakami or Hudson to the bullpen. Kawakami has been very effective since May, so you hate to move him out, but I think that's the only viable option they have.

Whomever goes to the bullpen, I think Medlin is the guy who gets sent down...get him back in a rotation and let him continue his development as a starter.

Whatever way they go, it's a nice problem to have. Not too many teams are dealing with too MUCH starting pitching. Which is also why, if the Braves DO manage to nab the wildcard, they are going to scare the pants off of somebody in the first round.

One complaint, and it's a repeat of one I've already made: I still think Bobby is using the bullpen too often, and I hope it doesn't come back to hurt us in September. Yesterday, Lowe pitched six innings and Bobby pulled him after throwing only 94 pitches. Which meant that Gonzalez had to make his 50th appearance of the year, and Peter Moylan had to make his 55th. Moylan leads the NL in appearances, Gonzalez is 5th, and Eric O'Flaherty, another Brave, is tied for 4th. There is no reason why our bullpen should be this overworked with the quality starting pitching we are getting. Can anybody give me a reason why Lowe couldn't have pitched another inning or so, having thrown only 94 pitches and sporting a 6-2 lead?

- To hear the AJC tell it, the Dawgs were beat out by the Gayters for the number one running back in the state, Mack Brown.

True, he did commit to the lizards (although he hasn't ruled out the Dawgs, according to, but let's look at a couple of numbers:
  • We probably have two spots left in this class. In my opinion, we still have needs at DT, CB, and WR. Even if one of our many DE committments moves inside, we still have as many spots as we have needs, and running back is NOT one of those need positions, because...
  • On our depth chart right now, we have two sophomores and two freshmen. We also have another big-time running back commit (Ken Malcome) already.
We can't take EVERY recruit in the state. I wish he hadn't decided to go to Gainesville, but it didn't make any sense for us to take him or for him to come to Athens.

That's all I got for back soon with thoughts on the LOST Comic-Con panel. VERY interesting stuff, and they may be going in a very dangerous direction..


MikeInValdosta said...

The Braves have captured me once more, as well. Consider me a sucker, but I will continue to give them my full attention until the first Saturday of September, or maybe the first Thursday depending on who is pitching.

Josh G. said...

Well, we're all admitting we're front-running Braves fans, and I will say that is exactly what I am. The team is fun to watch right now, and they are making these last 40 days go by a little faster. McCann, Anderson, Prado, and now Kelly Johnson(!) are very exciting right now.

It sucks that the Gayters got Brown, but it only increases my hatred of Urban Meyer. Just like he told that kid that Tebow wouldn't play QB, he has now somehow convinced Brown that he'll be Corch's first 1000 yd rusher EVER. Just like Blutarsky said, I wonder who's Pro-set and I-Form film he showed Brown?

You're right, Legend, we have more pressing needs than RB. King, Samuel, Thomas, Ealey, D-Jax, Daniels, and now Malcome. That's quality depth. I would have rather seen him go to USC or OSU than be duped by Corch. He's not going to have a good time running into this STUD D-Line we're putting together every Halloween weekend. I wish him well....I guess.