Friday, July 10, 2009

O-line taking hits already

Remember all of those posts about how strong the Dawgs are on the O-line, especially highlighting how much depth we have there?

Well, the depth factor is already becoming a story...

Tanner Strickland - out for the year after a shoulder injury. By the way, are there other programs who seem to specifically recruit O-linemen with shoulders made of glass, or is that just a Dawg thing?

Josh Davis - recovering more slowly from surgery than initially hoped, probably won't be available until mid-season at the earliest.

Chris Davis - Still officially projecting to be ready for fall camp, but there are rumors to the contrary.

Now, at this point none of these guys were projected starters, although Chris has started something like the last 23 games that he played. But it surely affects the depth, which is so important along the line of scrimmage. Those were three guys who were probably going to be the first option at backup at several positions who now may not be there.

What this means is that young guys like Chris Burnette, Dallas Lee, and Jonathan Owens have to be ready to make an impact. Also, since Josh Davis was one of the primary backups at tackle, it probably means that Justin Anderson steps in to start at one of the guard positions and Vince Vance shifts to tackle as 2nd string.

Luckily, we do still have a lot of bodies to fill roles...if our starters are Sturdivant, Anderson, Jones, Glenn, and Boling, then the bench looks like this:

C. Davis (hopefully)

Still not bad, and a definite improvement over what we have had at times in the very recent past.

Let's just hurry up and get the season started...I hate this time of year. The only news we ever get is bad.


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