Friday, July 10, 2009

Here's something to make us all feel a little better...

RedCrake over at DawgSports has laid out his reasons for optimism concerning the Dawgs pass rush. Now, I may not necessarily agree with ALL of his reasons (I don't think Dobbs and Battle are going to increase their sacks by 7 each, for instance), but I will certainly agree with these two:

- Track record. Say what you will about Martinez and Fabris (and I've said plenty), but they have a very good history when it comes to defensive ends. Grant, Pollack, Johnson, Moses, Howard...all of these guys were under the tutelage of this staff. I don't think anybody on the staff has forgotten how to coach. There is enough talent there with Dobbs, Battle, Houston (if he'll keep his act together), and a guy who I think may surprise some people by having a huge year....Cornelius Washington. This guy was a QB-killing machine in high school, and according to the UGASports profile they did on him earlier in the week, he has put on 30 pounds since he got on campus (from 217 to 247), and still has his speed.

I also like what I have heard about the coaching staff moving Dewberry and Washington up from LB to DE in pass-rushing situations...that's the kind of thing I wish we had done more with Brandon Miller when he was here, and I think it could really be effective.

- A healthy Jeff Owens. If Jeff is really 100% once we tee it up, then the monstrous pair of him and Geno Atkins could help the D-line wreak havoc next year. Remember, pass rush doesn't HAVE to come from the D-end position. If you get enough pressure up the middle, even if you don't get the sack from there you can force the QB outside, hopefully right into the waiting arms of a DE who might not have otherwise made it to the passer.

Also, I felt like I had to throw some love Redcrake's way after reading the signature to his comments...

Behold, this year's College Gameday Sign:

"Joe Cox -- He circumcises ANGELS!"

Now, THAT'S funny.


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