Tuesday, July 7, 2009


...there is NOTHING going on.

I started my semi-usual "Weekend Thoughts" post before realizing that there was so little actual content that it wouldn't be right to even call it a post.

Let's see...

- Braves slid back to the mean...after tantalizing us with the sweep of the Phillies, they go lose two of three to the Lowly Nationals (I'm pretty sure "lowly" is part of their official name now, which is why I capitalized it). I'm officially done with them now. It really sucks that they can no longer even keep me occupied until fall practice starts.

As of Friday, I had a post all ready to go (in my head, of course) about what moves they could make in order to make a real postseason run. Now? Wake me up if they actually catch the Phillies.

- There is NOTHING on TV. I did enjoy the Deadliest Catch marathon over the weekend, although that show just proves to me what a slug I am. I wouldn't last four minutes on one of those boats. I'd be the greenhorn they'd all be ready to throw over the side, because I'm hiding in my bed trying to get feeling back in my extremities. Those guys are hardcore.

- Still 60 days away from kickoff. Ugh.

So, yeah...we are in the dead zone. I'll probably be posting two or three times a week, usually pretty random stuff unless some sort of news breaks. I'll try to do better than yesterday's post...I think yesterday I aimed for "random", but missed and hit "gay."

Anyway, if you haven't done so already, check out Hale's blog...even on vacation, dude is still kicking my butt in the content department. Especially interesting are his two posts on Joe C here and here.

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