Thursday, July 16, 2009

Old School Rasslin' post of the....quarter, I guess?

Finally, the return of a (semi) regular feature here at Stuff of many of you know, I grew up as a huge rasslin' fan (yes, it's RASSLIN', not wrestling. WRESTLING is what they do at the Olympics). Every Saturday night was spent watching not only World Championship Wrestling on TBS, but also the wrestling marathon they would show on what I guess was an early version of UPN (I remember it was channel 69) from about 9PM to 1AM every Saturday, where we would see AWA, UWF (where I saw Ultimate Warrior and Sting make their debuts), Mid-South...all of the great old-school stuff. Then my friends, my brother, and I would go out to the trampoline and try out all of the moves we saw on TV on each other...I swear, if I was growing up in today's environment my parents would have been sued a dozen times by now.

So, occasionally, I like to bust out some old-school rasslin' stuff, most often related to my childhood nemesis/heroes, The Four Horsemen.

Check out this card they are promoting in this a kid, I would have been insane with my desire to see this show. Heck, I'd probably pay money to see it right now:

I know, right? Ron Garvin vs. Tully Blanchard? R&R Express vs. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew? Flair vs. Dusty? Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin vs. The Skinniest Man Alive, Sam Houston? Sign me up!!!

Also funny to see a young Tony Schiavone, who a lot of Dawg fans will recognize from WSB 750...he landed there after WCW was bought out by WWF a few years ago. Don't try to talk to him about rasslin' on the air though...he doesn't like that. (...ahem..)

Hey, what can I tell you? It's the offseason...gotta find something to pass the time!


Your brother said...

We would record songs off of the radio for our intro music to the "ring" (the backyard trampoline). Considering you were 5 years older, and were actually coordinated enough to do all the moves, you always got to win. The only moves I could do were Flair Chops and a flying drop kick. I was the Mulkey Brothers of Lizzie Lane Wrestling.

Scott said...

Forget the radio...for years, my entrance music was "You're The Best", which we taped by holding the tape recorder up to the TV while watching Karate Kid.

Yes, the Mulkey Brothers...I'm gonna have to see if I can find some old Mulkey Brothers clips on the yoo-toobs.

amanda young said...

I would like to see these old shows in a theater on a big screen. Flair should be made into a bio documentary similar to Nixon or Macolm X.Amanda Vanderpool CEO