Tuesday, February 10, 2009


...still trying to dig out from being on vacation and then sick. I will probably be posting my detailed Lost thoughts on "The Little Prince" later this week (may have to do this week's and last week's together), but here are the high points, many of which I have also seen expressed elsewhere:

- I still think something is going on with Ji Yeon (Jin and Sun's baby). I mentioned before that I thought it was weird that the picture Sun showed Kate was a baby picture, when Ji Yeon is roughly the same age as Aaron. Then, last week, Sun didn't really demonstrate any motherly instincts, did she? "Here, kid, have some french fries while I go in the next room and open my Whitmans Special Smith and Wesson Sampler."

- Another theory I have on Sun...it's not Ben she's tracking. It's JACK. I think she has more reason to blame Jack for what happened to Jin than she does for Ben. And Jack was in every one of those surveillance photos she was looking at.

- I think (as I have seen in other places) that the canoe belonged to the Oceanic 6, and our band of Strand-a-ways were at some point in the future. That might have even been the Oceanic 6 shooting at them, if they didn't know who it was that had stolen their canoe.

- Where in the heck are Rose and Bernard? They apparently didn't make it back to Rendevouz Creek after the flaming arrow attack.

- Never mind, forget Rose and Bernard...WHERE IS VINCENT?!?!?!?!?

- Loved Kate's reaction to Jack's statement of "He's with me." She must have thought that he was surely still on many many drugs, ugly beard or no ugly beard.

- I thought they gave away too much leading up to the Rousseau reveal. I knew we would be seeing her and her group as soon as Locke said, "Does anybody speak French?" Of course, I was half-hoping that would be Shannon's queue to come bopping out of the jungle to do some more translating.

Anyway, they dropped so many clues (shipwrecked French people, the names Robert and Montand, very pregnant girl) that by the time she introduced herself it was no longer a shock, no matter how bad the Lost Violin Section tried to make us believe it was.

- What must Jin be thinking? Remember, he hasn't had Faraday around to explain to him what is going on...last time he saw Danielle, she was 16 years older. And, also...dead. Though I can't remember if he would have any way of knowing that or not.

Over all, a good (not great) episode, in my opinion...there were still some great moments that I'll try and get to later in a more detailed post...

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Ally said...

I think you're on to something about Jin and Jack. She was really cryptic about her feelings towards Jack when she was talking with Kate.

And now you've got me believing there's something up with her daughter too.

Thanks for the post - keep 'em coming please! I look forward to them every week now.