Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick thoughts on Lost...more to come

OK, I will have my full recap up in the next couple of days, but I just wanted to say that last night's LOST jumped firmly into my top 5 episodes of all time. I sat there with my mouth hanging open the entire time, and I am still trying to process everything we saw and heard.

Oh, and I was obviously wrong on about EVERYTHING. Ji Yeon is fine (and cute as a button), Ben is the object of her wrath (not Jack). But don't worry...I will have more crackpot theories!

OK, off to back later with a full recap, and I'll bet it's a LONG one!


Shan said...

Yep, I postulated a lot about Yi Jeon as well, and it seems it was all for naught (no kidnapping, not dead, etc.). Though I still admire the babysitting trifecta: minibar, plate of french fries and 100 channels.

Good stuff last night. And I'm heartbroken that Charlotte is gone, especially since she's making jokes about speaking Klingon. Sniff.

Scott said...

Yep, they even played the "Charlie's Dead" music, which means I guess she really is gone. At least for now...I still think there's more of her story to tell (why does she know Korean? Who is her dad that was left behind in the ole D.I.?).

The other heartbreaking part of last night's epi, to me, was how excited Danielle and Robert were about their baby. Knowing how doomed that whole situation was, that was bitterly ironic.