Sunday, February 1, 2009

How long till kickoff?

This is not good...I'm already jonesing for football again, and we are still roughly 7 months from the 2009 kickoff.

This is from David Hale's interview with Rennie Curran:

On playing a bigger leadership role this year with Asher, Dannell and Corvey gone...

"Oh yeah. Whether Asher would have stayed or left, I felt like going into this season I wanted to be a better leader. It's time for me to step up. I'm not a young guy anymore. I'm not a freshman anymore. I feel like it's my time. It's my defense. It's time to just take control of things." (Emphasis added by me)

If leadership was in fact a factor in some of the disappointments last year, as we have now actually heard from players and not just fans, then I think we may be in better shape next year. On offense, the obvious leader is Joe Cox, and on defense you have guys like Rennie and Jeff Owens. I would say the leadership is in good hands for '09.

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