Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Posting schedule for this week

I will be leaving to go out of town tomorrow afternoon...I will be back on Saturday or Sunday with my thoughts on how the Dawgs do on Signing Day.

Just to throw it out there, I believe we get Greg Reid, 50-50 on Marlon Brown (I think UT has really put the pressure on him). Jarvis Jones is going out of state (probably USC), Massie is going to break Saban's heart and go to Ole Miss. Jawanza Starling, I say 50-50 between the Dawgs and USC. If we get Reid and Brown, then this is a huge class...it's pretty darn good already.

As for LOST and Idol, I probably won't watch until Saturday PM, so those recaps probably won't be up until Sunday at the earliest.

Have a great week...I'm heading for Pigeon Forge, the land of Dolly, funnel cakes, go-carts, and the Dixie Stampede. I'm praying for snow!

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