Friday, February 13, 2009

Blessing in disguise?

Like a lot of Dawg fans, I was disappointed that we did not pick up a committment from the Player of the Year in Georgia, Greg Reid. But after reading this piece in today's AJC, I'm thinking we may have dodged a bullet.

Reid said Georgia did not wait to late to get serious. “I really like Georgia
and the coaches. It’s a fun place. I just felt like it was too far from home and
I’d probably have to work a little harder [to compete for a starting position]
with the other people in front of me
.” (emphasis added by me)

OK, number one, has he actually looked at the UGA roster? There are currently THREE cornerbacks on the depth chart: Prince Miller, Brandon Boykin, and Vance Cuff. Of those three, only Miller has seen any significant time at CB; Boykin and Cuff have been special teams contributors, but that's about it. We have two other committments, from Branden Smith (a projected stud) and Jordan Love (a 3 star guy who we recruited based on athleticism and potential moreso than what he has shown so far, I think). So Reid looked at THAT depth chart and figured it might be too hard to get playing time? That's only 5 CB's TOTAL, only one with any real experience, and two guys who will be true freshmen. Heck, I'm getting DEPRESSED looking at that depth chart, but apparently Reid sees it as some sort of defensive juggernaut.

But regardless...even if this secondary was loaded with All-SEC caliber players...don't you want a guy, ESPECIALLY at CB, who just says, "Hey, I'm the best, and if I have to beat out some quality guys to earn playing time, then that's what I'm willing to do"?

Well, good luck to the kid...I hope he goes 4-0 against the Gnats while he's at F$U. But I am pretty happy he went somewhere else, if hard work is a turn-off for him.

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