Thursday, August 13, 2009


Told you I was busy...sorry, but the real world is taking precedence right now.

Real quick thoughts:

- Happy with almost all reports out of Dawgs fall camp so far, except that the injury bug is biting us a little right now. Still no major injuries, and virtually all of the walking wounded should be back by week one. This is pretty typical fall camp stuff, nothing major.

Feel free to peruse the blog list to your right...David Hale and The Red and Black have done a phenomenal job with newsy news, and Bernie, The Georgia Sports Blog, DawgSports, MikeinValdosta, Rex Robinson, et al are here to fulfill all your opinion and blogging needs.

- I'm afraid to mention the local baseball team, because every time I do they go in the tank. So...SHHHHHH...

- In TV news, Mad Men starts Sunday night. I don't know what else I can tell you about this show, other than if you're not watching you're missing one of the greatest shows of our era (apologies to Tebow, the GPOOE).

My schedule doesn't get any better for the next couple of weeks...once the season starts I plan on being a lot more active in the blogosphere.


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