Thursday, August 6, 2009

Couple more random Dawgs thoughts...

...and then I'm probably done for the day.

- VERY encouraged by the reports coming out of camp regarding Reshad Jones. Sounds like he is taking his game to another level, and seems ready to embrace a leadership role. Reports have been that he was the absolute leader among the DB's in the first two days, both with his performance and being a vocal leader as well, encouraging guys, calling out drills, etc. That's great news...if he finally reaches the potential this year that so many Dawg fans have seen in him that will go a LONG way in helping a really young secondary. Let's just hope that his high level of performance continues once they put the pads on and start TACKLING next week.

- There are a lot of great Dawg reporters out there (with David Hale probably being my favorite), but I have been really impressed with the guys over at as well. The 2nd day tidbits they put up yesterday were especially detailed and well-written.

- Washaun Ealy is apparently already moving up the depth chart, taking snaps from Dontavious Jackson. Richt will absolutely not hesitate to play Ealy if he shows he's ready, having learned a painful lesson by only getting two seasons out of Knowshon.

- Speaking of guys playing early...I'm so glad AJ Green played last year so that we are guaranteed of at least three years with him on the field. He is going to have a MONSTER year this year...I know, I'm really going out on a limb with that one. He is 100% healthy, 15-20 pounds heavier, supposedly ran a sub-4.3 40 this offseason (my thoughts on 40 times will have to wait for another post, but the point is...he's fast). If the offensive line is as good as I think they can be, AJ is going to make Joe Cox look really good. Not to mention the seams he will hopefully open up for other guys like Orson Charles, Tavarres King (or whomever ends up at the slot), etc. as defenses have to account for him and his playmaking ability. What a weapon.

- I thought this piece on Bobo's quotes regarding the O-Line development was pretty funny. Bobo was doing the coach speak thing, trying to temper expectations by talking about how little time these guys have actually spent working together, etc...but then Coach Richt comes right behind him and basically says we are COUNTING on the fact that the O-Line will be a strength. Nice try, Coach Bobo!

All right, I gotta get back to work...distractions are only going to get worse over the next four weeks!


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Josh G. said...

You just had to open your big fat mouth about Rashad Jones.