Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More freshmen video...

Last week, I posted videos of guys who I think are almost definitely going to see the field at some point this year...here are the rest of the videos that Rivals has available for free viewing.

Montez Robinson:
This guy will have an opportunity to see the field due to our needs at DE, but my gut says he will redshirt. I'm not sure about the competition level he was going against in high school...he is obviously the biggest guy on the field by tons in all of the game film. There are a couple of technique issues that worry me, as he seems to just be relying on his size and speed to overwhelm guys, but I think Fabris can work that out.

UGA Freshmen: Montez Robinson @ Rivals Video

Abry Jones:
Can't tell much from this video...it's only two plays. But it is interesting that they have lined up at DE to take advantage of his athleticism. He's slotted at DT for the Dawgs, but hopefully he'll keep his explosiveness, a la Owens and Atkins.

UGA Freshman: Abry Jones @ Rivals Video

Austin Long:
Unfortunately, Austin is injured and won't play this year, but this video is an exciting look at the future. In this video, he shows tremendous technique, impressive athleticism (he spends a lot of time pulling and trapping in this video) and great power...check out the play about 53 seconds in where he pulls and basically pancakes two guys at once. Fun stuff.

UGA Freshman: Austin Long @ Rivals Video

Dallas Lee:
You don't get a great look at him on offense on this video, as a lot of the film seems to be of a scrimmage. But it's worth checking out the last 15-20 seconds, which is several plays of him on defense, inducing nightmares in QB's and running backs. I know we need interior OL, and I think that's where he'll stay, but I wouldn't be shocked if he moved to DT if we need him to at some point.

UGA Freshmen: Dallas Lee @ Rivals Video

Michael Gilliard:
Very athletic guy, seems to have a nose for the football. He also looks a bit small...wouldn't be surprised to see him at safety at some point if he doesn't put on weight.

UGA Freshman: Michael Gilliard @ Rivals Video

Zach Mettenberger:
This guy certainly LOOKS like a big time QB, and he definitely has the arm. Main reason I see him redshirting rather than Aaron Murray is because of the quality of competition that Mett played both with and against in high school...he may need another year of seasoning before being ready to play SEC level guys.

I'll keep my eye out for when they post the rest of the freshman videos, and post them as they become available.


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