Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More reason to love Joe C...

From Marc Weiszer's article in the Athens Banner Herald regarding the absence of Dawg arrests this offseason:

Quarterback Joe Cox said the message he sent to his teammates was for "everybody
to grow up."

Said Cox: "We had too many people that thought they were more mature than
they were. We had too many guys on our team that knew when things were going bad
with their teammates, they wouldn't say anything to them and it kind of got to
the point where we, as seniors, told them we had a big problem, where guys would
say 'I can't tell him anything, he's a grown man, he's going to do what he wants
to do.'

But you're not a grown man if you're making decisions that are going to hurt
your team. That's what we preached to everybody this offseason."

GATA, Joe!!!

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