Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Greg Blue Day!!!

With all apologies to Rantavious Wootentheballcarrier, and NO apologies to Quincy Carter, today is GREG BLUE DAY....17 days to kickoff!!!

To celebrate, here is what is probably the most famous hit of Greg Blue's of last year it was STILL part of the College GameDay credits.

A lot of people remember and talk about this hit, but what a lot of people forget is what made the hit even MORE satisfying. This was the 2003 game in which the Dawgs dominated Auburn (this game also featured Odell's 99-yd interception return), and the game was well out of hand when Auburn was forced to punt late in the game. Damien Gary CLEARLY called for a fair catch and was levelled after he caught the ball by Courtney Taylor....just a blatantly dirty, illegal, and chicken__ move. The reaction in the crowd was PRIMAL. I can never remember such utter fury being directed at a player in Sanford Stadium....I think I personally blacked out, only to emerge from the rage-induced haze like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, coming to the realization that I was unleashing a string of profanity that I didn't even know that I was capable of.

On Auburn's next posession, Taylor was in the game at WR, went over the middle, and then...

BOOM!!! One of the more satisfying moments in my life as a Dawg fan.

GO DAWGS!!! 17 DAYS!!!


Dawg Stephen said...

Happy Greg Blue Day. Love it Love it

Anonymous said...

You're my boy Blue!

Pumpdawg said...

That hurt ME.

papadawg said...

Isn't Greg Blue's birthday in March?

I'm confused.
(that's what the AU player said after the play)

Scott said...

Papa...not sure on Blue's birthday. But today is SEVENTEEN DAYS TO KICKOFF!!!

Much like the 19th day till kickoff will always be Hines Ward day in my house, today will always be GREG BLUE DAY.


Darren said...

That was massive! Gotta love it!

amanda young said...

I think it was more impressive how the receiver got right up after that hit. That was brutal. Amanda Vanderpool