Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Further proof that we are 100% correct in despising Urban Meyer.

No one is allowed to question him, even under the pretense of doing THEIR JOB, apparently.

"Either you're a Gator or you're not," he says. I wonder if he feels that way about the Utes. Or whatever Bowling Green's mascot is.

Shane Matthews is more of a Gator than Urban Crier will EVER be. He sweat and bled for that team, as the former Miami player said in the article. Urban has been there for, what, four years? And that makes him some sort of authority on who's a "Gator" and who's not?

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Shan said...

Amazing. Shane Matthews has the temerity to question Emperor Urban about playcalling in game they lost to Ole Miss? The BALLS on that guy! I'm surprised that Pope Meyer struck back via press release, instead of sending Tebow to Shane's home to give him a forcible third world circumcision with a rusty butter knife.