Thursday, May 7, 2009

Super-quick Idol and LOST thoughts

OK, first a scheduling announcement...I've got a couple of really busy days ahead of me, so the LOST recap probably won't be up tomorrow as it usually is. Tune in Saturday when we discuss such topics as:

- WHAT?!?!

- HUH?!?

- HOW??

- WHO?!?

- NO WAY!!!

And of course....

- Are Jack and Kate actually human, or are they beings sent by cruel and ruthless intergalactic rulers programmed to kill and destroy everything and everyone in their path?

This was a FANTASTIC episode, and the finale is shaping up to be utterly mind-blowing.

As for Idol...ugh. Freaking Gokey. If you thought I was hard on him this week, just wait. He is now dead to me.

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