Monday, May 18, 2009

LOST recap coming...sometime this summer!

Just kidding (kind of)...we are leaving for the beach on Friday, which means much of this week will be spent preparing for the trip (both at home and at work). I fully expect this recap to take several hours to put together (my brain is still broken), so if I don't get to it this week, it will have to wait until after we get back, unless we are forced inside by weather all week.

Sorry about that...I'll do my best to make sure the recap is worth the wait!


Josh G. said...

Slacker! Here, I'll write it:
Jacob wears Loreal hair gel in the 1800's. Hey look, it's Vincent! Rose and Bernard are like, so above you, man. Kate's mind-altering freckles cause everyone to agree that they would rather dive on top of an H-bomb than ever have met her. Jack and Sawyer cat-fight and almost make-out until they're interupted. Locke isn't Locke. Ben gets all whiny and murdery. Phil's death isn't near as graphic or torturous as we hoped. Juliette re-establishes herself as the best crier on television. BOOM. White light. LOST.

Scott said...

Well, there's no need for me to write mine now...this sums it up perfectly!

See, I knew this whole writing thing runs in the family...