Friday, December 19, 2008

Why I'm addicted to

Ever have those moments when you're watching a movie, and you know you recognize one of the actors, but you can't remember what movie he was in, and it drives you so crazy that it ruins any chance of enjoying the rest of the movie? That used to happen to me ALL the time, until I discovered IMDB. com. This site is amazing.

So I'm flipping through the channels last night right before I go to bed...always a mistake, because inevitably I find something that grabs my interest and end up staying up another hour or so and seriously regretting it the next day. Last night was no exception - I stumbled across THIS, one of the most awesomely disturbing scenes in cinematic history:

And I think, Holy Crap! That's Erica Hahn! (non-Grey's Anatomy watchers have no idea, but stay gets better). So I look the movie up on IMDB, just to confirm, and while I'm there I click on Buffalo Bill to see who played him...HOLY CRAP. It's CAPTAIN LELAND STOTTLEMEYER!! You know, MONK'S BOSS!!

I had no idea. Can we not go back and give Ted Levine an honorary Oscar or something? How did THAT guy go on to become that OTHER guy?

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