Saturday, December 13, 2008

What is Auburn thinking?

Being reported everywhere (Doc Saturday, ESPN, Rivals, etc) that Auburn has hired Gene Chizik as their new head coach.

So Tommy Tubs wins an average of 9-10 games a year for around 8 years (as well as going 7-3 against Bama), makes one bad decision (the Tony Franklin debacle) that torpedoes this year. And rather then let this proven quality head coach try and correct his own mistake (I was going to say "turn the program around", but it was ONE BAD YEAR...does that constitute needing "turned around?"), you fire him. With absolutely ZERO backup plan, apparently. You get publicly turned down by guys like Boom Muschamp and Gary Patterson, you inexplicably decide not to hire Turner Gill, you interview guys who obviously have no shot at the job (Patrick Nix and Rodney Garner). And now, you hire GENE CHIZIK. Who is 5-19 at Iowa State. And is currently riding a ten game losing streak.

From Tommy Tubberville to Gene Chizik. That's impressive.

It's funny/sad that this whole thing started with concerns that they were going to be out-recruited by Saban, which led to the Tony Franklin hire. So Gene Chizik is going to ride into town and start cleaning up in the recruiting battles with Saint Nick?

I went to Auburn message board on Rivals and they are in total MELTDOWN mode. Can't say as I blame them.

So as we Dawg fans are wallowing in our "disappointment," we can at least think about UT and Auburn's situation and realize it could be worse.

Much worse.

UPDATE...Blutarsky says it better than I can.

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