Monday, December 1, 2008

Blutarsky did my work for me...

I was planning on doing a lot of research to see how our 2008 opponents fared against us vs. what they did the rest of the year on offense.

The Good Senator did the work for me.

Nothing really shocking, other than that the 49 points the Gayters put up against us was their SIXTH best offensive performance of the year.


From about the Alabama game on, our defense was CLUELESS. We gave up 41, 38, 49, 38, and 45 points. And we don't play in the Big 12, either. One of those 38's was Kentucky. KENTUCKY!!

I don't like calling for people's jobs...after all, these guys have families. But this defense has gotten progressively worse since Van Gorder left, and this year was (hopefully) rock bottom. I just think a message has to be sent somehow that this is NOT acceptable at the University of Georgia.

Blown assignments and missed tackles have become the M.O. for this defense. And, I'm sorry, but that has nothing to do with injuries, or the schedule, or any of the other excuses that Coach Richt was throwing out there yesterday.

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