Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hate to give him credit, but...

...this is a very telling quote from Urban Crier. I wonder if he didn't just pass out in jubilation the week leading up the Cocktail Party. From Chris Lowe's SEC blog on ESPN.com...

The first thing Florida coach Urban Meyer does every week when he starts
preparing for a game is check out the opposing team's kickoff return
He says it's his little ritual every Sunday morning. He does his
television show and then flips on the tape.
"I watch their kickoff return,
and I know exactly what kind of team we're getting ready to play," Meyer said.
"If it's sloppy and disorganized and unmotivated, I get really excited because I
think we're going to beat the mess out of that team.
"If it's a team that's
hungry, works hard and you can tell there's an attention to detail on their
kicking team, then I know we're in for a long day. That means every phase of
their team is going to be very well organized."

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