Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Typical Tech

You know, my feelings about Ga. Tech are kind of hard to verbalize. It's a really weird mixture of hate and pity, and I hate and pity them for the same reasons. Stories like this one sum it up perfectly.

Seriously? You're so fascinated by us that you commemorate your ONE WIN IN EIGHT FREAKING YEARS by putting it on your rings? That is truly pathetic.

As a point of comparison, can you imagine UGA putting the score of last year's UGA-Florida game on rings? Yeah, it was a nice win, but I hope our program never sinks to the point that ONE WIN over our rival merits this type of recognition.

So, like I said...I hate them because they are so pathetic, but I pity them because they're so pathetic. It's a paradox wrapped in a mystery, surrounded by an enigma.

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Josh said...

I hate Tech so much. I hope Les pulls a victory out of his magic hat tonight.