Monday, December 15, 2008

Blogosphere united

Wow, I have NEVER seen the entire Interweb community marching in lockstep the way they are over the Chizik situation at Auburn. I have yet to see ONE positive blog post or column regarding the hire. And now, it's starting to take on racial overtones due to the fact that Turner Gill apparently never received an offer (that's per Barnhart). Charles Barkley is on saying race was "the number one factor."

Normally I don't buy into the race card, just because I think it gets played too often. But in this case, I tend to agree. Lining up the two candidates, what reason is there to choose Chizik over Gill? Record? Merit? I'm not seeing it...

This has got to be putting a damper on the recruiting season. We'll see what happens as the staff is filled out. I'm hoping that Stacey Searles' and Rodney Garner's phones get accidentally dropped down a well.

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