Monday, February 1, 2010

A few more LOST links and some housekeeping notes

Well, we have finally reached the true beginning of the end...the season premiere of the final season of LOST (::sob::) is tomorrow night.

I will definitely be doing the episode recaps like I did last season...I love doing them and I really enjoyed the conversations with my loyal readers (all three of you).

One issue this week...I will be leaving on Wednesday to head to Pigeon Forge for three days. So, the recap for the premiere will probably not go up until Saturday night at the earliest. If I have time before I go, I may throw up a quick post late Tuesday or early Wednesday with just some quick thoughts on what is sure to be a mind-blowingly awesome two hours.

After that, the plan is to have the recaps up by Thursday every week. That is assuming that Lostpedia is as good as they were last season at getting the episode transcripts up the day after the episode airs...if not, I will have to do the recaps on the weekend after I've had time to go through the episode and transcribe the crucial dialogue.

Other blog related news...

- National Signing Day is Wednesday, and the Dawgs are expected to have another top 10 signing class, with some big names still yet to decide and/or announce. I will definitely have a write-up of my thoughts, as well as some video, links, etc, but it won't be until after I get back from the land of Dollywood and Dixie Stampede.

- American Idol....I plan on doing those recaps, as well, but just like last year I won't start until we get to the actual performance episodes. I think I will do a post after Hollywood week(s) with some of my favorites, and probably my initial impressions of Ellen as a judge.

Now, to hold you over until the premiere, some LOST links...

- Part three of Mo Ryan's epic interview with Damon and Carlton is HERE.

My favorite part? This gave me chills....

Lindelof: The answer, I think, is that the best moment is when those things [i.e. the big picture and individual scenes] interlock, because each one of them brings their own frustrations. But we were working on an episode this season and there was a scene that was confounding us after the script had been written and we were sitting in Carlton’s office and we basically said, "The reason why this scene is so hard to write is because we’re actually trying to hold back this character saying what they really should be saying, and we’re in Season 6, they don’t need to hold back anymore. Just because we’re earlier in the season doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t say it."

So, we said, "What if they said this thing that we’ve been sitting on for three years?" And then we’re like, "Oh my God, we finally get to say it. We’ve known it, we’ve talked about it, we’ve inferred it, but now like someone in the position of authority is actually saying these words, giving this explanation." However the audience eventually – they might see that scene and basically go, “That’s it?” But for us, it was like this enormously exciting thing. The next morning we were still buzzing about it.

Cuse: Yeah. Or, last night, we were finishing up the script for Episode 11. On our last pass, we sit down side-by-side on the couch and we go through it and we do pencil notes on scenes together. There’s that wonderful sense of completion when we go act by act and we’re doing the final sets of revisions on each scene and it’s the final polish. There’s something really rewarding when you actually get it done and we’re both at that place where, yeah, this is exactly what we want and we get that moment of confluence, which is great.

Lindelof: Then we looked at each other and said, this is the last – you know every episode is character-centric, this is the last [fill in the blank] episode that we’re gonna write for “Lost,” ever.


- James Poniewozik, a very entertaining TV critic for, lists his top 10 episodes HERE.
I love these lists, because no matter how many of them you see there are always a couple that are different from anybody else, or they include some that I had forgotten how awesome they are.

My personal top 10? (links are to the Lostpedia pages for each episode)
1. Walkabout
2. Through the Looking Glass
3. The Man Behind the Curtain
4. The Constant
5. Pilot (Parts I and II)
6. Man of Science, Man of Faith
7. The Shape of Things to Come
8. Cabin Fever
9. Flashes Before Your Eyes
10. Follow the Leader

And that list could change if you ask me again tomorrow...looking at it, I'm really surprised that there aren't more Season 5 episodes, since I loved almost every single episode. I guess maybe because they are more recent, and I have been re-watching the earlier seasons lately.

- Two more sites that you should check out daily, because everything they put up is awesome: Zap2It's LOST page and Vozzek's Things I Noticed About LOST.

OK...that ought to tide you over. Let the countdown continue!



Shan said...

I could probably single out a few S5 episodes (like "LaFleur") to put among my favorites, but I think the reason it's more difficult to choose is because the season became even more serialized than usual, and it's the season as a whole that works so damned well together. ONE MORE DAY.

Scott said...

Yeah, that's what I kept running into...which S5 episodes to leave out once you start including them?

Shouldn't tomorrow be a holiday? Wednesday, too, for that matter?