Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, that's just great...

I thought I had my new American Idol Girlfriend all picked out (last year's was Megan, for those of you who don't remember and actually care).

Janell Wheeler. Gorgeous voice, great stage presence, and smokin' hotttt.

Well, get this: She definitely WAS, and maybe still IS....

....Tim Tebow's girlfriend.

Now I just feel....DIRTY.

LOST recap should be up later tonight, after I recover from my shock and disgust and take a "Crying Game" shower.

Check the comments section to this post....

Great she can be my Idol girlfriend again! I'm sure she is going to be THRILLED!!

Thanks, Anonymous!! If I only knew who you were...I would shower you with gifts!


Anonymous said...

No she's not. He even said at the Senior Bowl that she's not his gf. She's dating a guy named Craig. Read the comments here:

Moggs said...

Well, either way she ain't getting Tebow's torpedo