Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Super quick LOST thoughts...recap to come later

Maybe it's just the selection of people I follow on Twitter, but the instant reaction I'm seeing online to last night's episode is mostly negative, and I really don't get it.

That episode included:
- Tons of funny Hurley stuff.

- A glimpse at how Jacob is bringing people to the Island, with the Lighthouse scene that almost has to be analyzed frame by frame. (By the way, Kate's name WAS listed on that wheel-thingy...but she was number 51, not one of The Numbers)

- Creepy Claire, which I thought was awesome.

- Jack has a son! least in the X timeline he seems to have resolved a lot of the father-son issues that have been central to his character since the Pilot episode.

- Hints of more connectivity between the two realities, as Jack seems confused by his appendectomy scar.

- For the FIRST time since the third episode of the show, we revisit the Adam and Eve Skeletons. I actually saw someone complaining last night that they were ticked that this was all we were going to get on this subject.

Says who? Was last night the series finale and nobody told me? I think the point of showing the skeletons again was to remind the more casual viewers that they exist. You know, the people who haven't been involved in online discussions regarding their significance, and therefore may have forgotten that ONE 45 SECOND SCENE where we saw them 5 YEARS AGO. If we weren't going to get more than that on the Skeletons, I seriously doubt they would have bothered showing them last night.

I think people are really cheating themselves by sitting at home with their checklist of "answers" that they are looking for. I refuse to do that...I'm going to enjoy the ride, and last night's episode was another fun and intriguing installment.

Plus, Claire buried a hatched in that dude's chest!

I guess it's the "instant gratification" factor that comes in to play when such a large percentage of the audience is jumping on the internet at 10:01 every week to discuss the episode, but I don't understand people who act like they are owed ANSWERS every single week. The answers are coming, and sooner than I want them to, because answers mean the end of the show, and that makes me sad.

Look, at this point it does not matter to me what the "ending" winds up being...I'm not going to be mad at the creative and productive forces behind this show that has brought me hours upon hours of high-quality entertainment for the last five years (at no cost, by the way). It's not OUR story, it's THEIRS, and I think they deserve to tell it however they want.

OK, rant over...I'll be back sometime later today with the recap of the Top 12 Ladies Night on Idol, and then the full LOST recap will probably be up sometime Saturday.

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