Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Super quick LOST thoughts...recap to come later


Man, that was awesome...a few quick (and I mean QUICK) bullet points before I hit the road. Plans are still to have the full recap up this weekend...


- If you haven't read the Dark Tower series (or, apparently, a whole bunch of comics that I have never read), the idea of a "split" timeline is one that King uses in one of the early books. Basically, an event happens that creates two different timelines and the two timelines have to be "reconnected" or there are dire consequences. Not saying that is exactly what is going on here, but we do know that Damon and Carlton have said numerous times that King is a big influence, and Damon is actually rumored to be involved in the movie adaptation of the Dark Tower books.

- Note that a lot of people weren't on the "new" Flight 815 who were (like Shannon, for sure, and possibly the "Tailies"), and of course Desmond was and then wasn't. I think that blowing up Jughead did more than just keep the plane from crashing.

- What was up with Jack's neck wound?

- Where did Desmond disappear to?

- Hurley: "I'm the luckiest guy on the planet". Awesome.

- Wasn't the Sawyer-Juliet scene, as emotional as it was, a little...repetitive and anti-climactic?

- I'm thinking that what Juliet was going to tell Sawyer was something other than "It worked". Miles got that from Dead Juliet, who maybe has a wider view of things now.

- Mo Ryan has an interesting theory that the revived Sayid we saw at the end of the show may be...Jacob. Hmm....

- Terry O'Quinn is the best actor on television today. "I'm sorry you had to see me that way." HA!!

There is TONS more to get to...I'm not even scratching the surface. But, Pigeon Forge calls!



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Also, what happened to Christian's body in the alternate reality?

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