Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More cool LOST links...one week to go!

- Part 2 (or, as she named it, The SQUEAKUEL!!) of the Mo Ryan interview with Damon and Carlton is HERE. Lots of time travel stuff, and some thoughts on the writing process for Season 6 and how the process has changed in general since the first season.

- I don't often link to Doc Jensen's stuff on EW, because his theories are usually too wild and "out there" for me to actually give credence to, but this one was pretty good, and makes enough sense that I think he may be on to something. Particularly concerning the dynamic between Jacob and the Man in Black.

- And last, but most DEFINITELY not least...a great song parody addressing the many, MANY questions still left unanswered. It's hilarious, but also a little overwhelming and frightening...there's no way all of these can be answered in one season, I don't think, but I'm trusting Darlton that all of the "Big Ones" and enough of the "Little Ones" will be addressed. Before the season premiere (NEXT WEEK!!) I hope to post what I consider to be the "Big Ones". (Note - The "Hurley Bird" is not one of them).

h/t to DarkUFO


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