Friday, January 16, 2009

Tonight's lineup...

Here is a nice article on Friday Night Lights and BSG returning tonight.

If you're not watching these shows, you're missing out on some really fantastic television. If you want to watch FNL, you can probably just start tonight and pick up on things pretty easily. I'm always available for questions if you have any. :-)

For BSG, well...if you're not watching, do yourself a favor and go back and watch from the beginning. This is really a ridiculously amazing show, one that goes so far beyond sci-fi that it's not really fair that it gets lumped into that genre. Remarkable characters, superb acting, and some of the smartest social commentary you'll see from a TV show.

Can't get this vido to embed, but here's a great trailer for season 4.5 on

Tonight is kind of bittersweet for both shows, since I think it's the last season for FNL, and we know it's the last season for BSG. So tonight really is the beginning of the end for both.

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