Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Countdown to Signing Day

First of all, hope I don't get sued over the title to this post...I'm not exactly SCARED of Jamie Newberg, per se, but he does seem to be the litigious type.

Signing day is now a week from tomorrow. I'm no recruiting guru, nor do I play one on TV (like Jamie Newberg does....wow, I'm really asking for it), so I'm not going to go into things like star rankings and stuff like that. But, I do enjoy following recruiting, so as we get closer to Signing Day I thought I would post some of the highlights of the young men who have verbally committed to the Dawgs so far. The class is going to be lighter on numbers this year, because of a lack of available scholarships, but so far it appears we are making up for quantity with quality, and there are still a couple more big names we are going after in the home stretch.

We'll start with the quarterbacks...we've received verbals from two guys, both of whom are very highly thought of. Aaron Murray is currently #3 in the QB rankings at Rivals, and Zach Mettenberger is #11. Mettenberger is a guy who was not getting a lot of attention early because he does not put up big numbers. However, a lot of his lack of production is due to the team he plays for. He has ZERO big time talent around him. Zach went to the workouts for the scouts and absolutely wowed everybody, with several guys saying he may have the strongest arm in this year's class.

Aaron Murray is one of the most sought after players in the country, and we took him right out from under Urban Crier's nose in Tampa, FL. He became something of a legend this year, when he came back from a serious leg injury about 2 months early and led his team to the Florida State Championship.

Both of these guys are enrolled already, and there will be lots of curious eyes on them when G-Day rolls around, including mine.

Aaron Murray:

Zach Mettenberger:

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