Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Idol thoughts

First of all, I'll bet there are 1.21 gazillion blogs with that title this morning. Hey, I never claimed to be original.

Those of you who started following this blog strictly for the Dawgs football stuff, sorry...the next few months are probably going to be pretty TV-centric, with Idol, BSG, Friday Night Lights, Damages, and (of course) LOST all getting started in this next couple of weeks.

Yes, Idol is BACK! For those who don't know, I grew up as a Performing Arts kid, so these are my people, and I love them. I make no apologies.

Okay...season 8. Love the new judge...Kara Di-something. I guess I'll have to learn that now. Anyway, she seems to be in the middle between Simon and the Paula/Randy circle of lunacy, just like she said she would be. She's snarky when she needs to be (like with the Bikini Girl last night), but she also can let people down relatively easy (like she did with the pink cowboy hat wearing stalker).

I was also pleased to see less obvious mentally challenged people last night. There were still some delusional folks, for sure, but I didn't feel like they were playing "Let's All Laugh at the Retards" the way they have the last few seasons. That crap is not funny, it's sad.

As for the talent last night:
The Good: I can't remember everybody's name yet, but the 16 year old girl who sang "Put Your Records On," the 16 year old girl who looked 25 and was named after Stevie Nix, the 17 year old guy who makes horror movies, and the bartender from Kentucky who sang "Dock of the Bay" were my favorites.

They were obviously trying to make the blind guy a favorite, but I wasn't all that impressed, to be honest. He seems to be an amazing piano player, and obviously an inspiring story, but his voice was only OK, I thought.

Although, he did provide the funniest moment of the night, when Ryan tried to high-five the blind guy. I love Wee Ryan, and that moment captured why. He was obviously happy for the guy, and wanted to share the moment with him, and in all the excitement forgot that the guy COULDN'T SEE HIS HAND RAISED. But then, since it's Ryan, and he is 100% committed to the idea that The Show Must Go On, he couldn't just drop his hand and act like nothing happened...he had to grab the guy's hand and be like, "Hey, buddy...I'm trying to give you a HIGH FIVE!" And then he got the shot...which is why Ryan Seacrest is the beast that is taking over the entertainment industry. He ALWAYS will get the shot.

The Bad:
Well, obviously all the people they told us were horrible were, in fact, horrible. But special mention must be given to Bikini Girl. What a horrible, horrible person. Her body wasn't even all that. She did have one nice asset, which the cameras paid special attention to, but her legs were too skinny. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, what an insufferable whore (sorry, but when you take your clothes off in order to get what you want, without any merit, that's what you are). I want bad things to happen to her. Can't wait for Hollywood week, and the tears start flowing.

Great to have the show back!

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