Thursday, January 29, 2009

Countdown to Signing Day - O-line

Although we have around 14 returning offensive linemen, you can never have too many, and the Dawgs have three guys coming in that are very highly thought of. Austin Long, Dallas Lee, and Chris Burnette will definitely keep the pipeline full of O-Line beef.

Austin Long: 6-5, 268 out of Memphis, TN looks to be out of the Stinchcomb mode. Pretty lean right now, but has a good frame to add some weight, and as you can see from this clip he has a little nasty streak.

Chris Burnette: 6-2, 300 out of Lagrange. #3 offensive guard in the country. He was scheduled to enroll in January, but will not enroll until summer due to academic reasons. These are not your typical academic reasons, however....he's locked in a close battle to have the highest GPA in his class, and he wanted to stay in school and try to achieve valedictorian status.

Dallas Lee: 6-4, 290 out of Buford. As good as the other two are, this is the guy I am most interested in seeing. He supposedly is out of the Ben Jones mold, which means he doesn't have a mean STREAK...he just plays MEAN. Most of this video is him as a D-Lineman, but you can certainly see the style with which he plays....he's #64, the guy running around like his hair's on fire.

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