Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Light posting today...

Real life calls...

A couple of quick hitters on the Dawgs:

- I guess I'm the last Dawg blogger to react to the Dawgs being dropped to #2, and I guess it's because I have no problem with it. First of all, I probably would have voted the same way...I saw all of the Dawgs game, and most of the USC game (which is more than could be said than for 99% of voters, I would guess), and I thought USC looked better than we did. Based on that, plus the fact that I don't think there was much separation between the two to begin with, I probably would have put USC ahead of us for this week. Secondly, the difference between #1 and #2 for us right now is meaningless...we will get our opportunities to move back up once the meat of our schedule gets here. And lastly, imagine if the situation was reversed...let's say in the opening week we were traveling to Stillwater to take on Oklahoma State, while USC was opening with somebody like San Jose State (this is the case next year by the way). Let's further hypothesize that we were a close 2nd to a #1 Trojan team. If we went across the country and cleaned the Cowboys clock, while USC had an efficient, but not COMPLETELY dominant performance at home against a much lesser opponent, would we not be howling that we should jump USC in the polls? I know I would be.

Wow...that one wasn't as quick as I planned it to be. The next one will be much quicker.

- Funny story in the Albany Herald today (h/t to David Hale). Apparently Kris Durham has been dubbed "White Lightning" by his teammates.

Be back tomorrow with my thoughts on the CMU game.

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