Sunday, September 7, 2008

Knowshon who?

That is apparently what ESPN is asking, since THIS play was not deemed worthy of a mention or clip on ANY of their highlight shows. If TEE-bow had pulled something like this off yesterday, not only would Brent Musberger have drowned in a puddle of his own drool, but we would have already seen it 48,745 times by now.


UPDATE: Apparently (per this came up on Richt's weekly teleconference today and set off a little snit between the ESPN and Fox correspondents on the call...ESPN claimed that Fox did not include it in the highlight package they sent in, and Fox countering that ESPN had a camera there and could have captured it themselves. Richt's response?

"OK, so maybe it wasn't that good of a play," he chuckled. "I thought it was pretty good."

Love that guy.


Darren said...

What's with the song?

It's Tghay.

Props to the Dawgs.

Scott said...

Well, you would know, Mr. Dolly Parton fan...


Actually, that was just the first YouTube post I saw that had the play, so I grabbed it...I agree, the song doesn't exactly fit.