Monday, September 8, 2008

Leftover thoughts from the weekend

Didn't get to watch much this weekend, since I was in Athens all day Saturday.

My quick leftover thoughts from the weekend...

- Looks like Carlton Thomas and Dontavious Jackson will both redshirt this year, barring any unforeseen injuries. If they were going to get in, they probably would have in one of these first two games. What this means is that, even if Knowshon goes pro after this year, the tailback depth chart will include King (So.), Samuel (So.), Jackson (RFr), Thomas (RFr), Washaun Ealy (Fr.). Wow. Tailback U, indeed.

- Urban Meyer is a putz. There is NO reason to still be throwing the ball with your first team offense and kicking field goals with 25 seconds left. Like Randy Shannon said, that kind of thing will tell you a lot about what kind of person somebody is. I already hate him much more than I ever have Spurrier. At least Steve is entertaining. Meyer is just an arrogant, whiny, lying, classless, punk crybaby.

- Tebow's running stats from Saturday night: 13 carries for 55 yards. Florida's non-Tebow running stats from Saturday night: 14 carries for 34 yards. Take away one Chris Rainey run of 13 yards, and it's 13 carries for 21 yards. Moody did not get a single carry. So much for the running game improving and Tebow shouldering less of the burden. He took some big hits Saturday night, and that doesn't look to get any better when they face UT next week. Hope Tebow stays healthy...I don't want ANY excuses at the WLOCP this year.

- Great media-related news for Dawg the Athens Banner-Herald, John Kaltefleiter is out as Sports Editor, and David Ching is in. Kaltefleiter was consistently the most negative writer among all of the regular Dawg scribes (in my opinion), and David Ching is the MAN when it comes to providing quality coverage.

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Hunker Down said...

Tebow took a pounding because (a) he ran the ball so often and (b) he never slides or steps out of bounds. I admire his toughness, but this will take another toll on his body - Superman or not. He is the antithesis of Leake. Where Chris Leake was apt to step out of bounds one foot short of the first down marker to avoid any possibility of contact, Tebow will lower his shoulder 5 yards past the first down to try and deliver a blow.

Unlike you, I don't mind if he is not 100% on Nov. 1. I'll take every advantage we can get - always. Trust me, the Gators will find an excuse either way.